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Your support will make all the difference!

For those with speech and hearing impairment, the world can be like a silent vacuum. In India, although there are programmes for various disabilities, children and adults with hearing and speech are marginalized and lack access to adequate opportunities to progress.

In this scenario, the B D Tatti Memorial Charitable Trust, is making it possible for hundreds of children, youth and adults with speech and hearing impairment to learn and is providing them with opportunities to develop. However, given that the organization is growing, we need your support in various ways.

Your donation will help us to serve people with disabilities, especially children and youth. You can donate an amount of your choice and indicate whether you wish to contribute to the organization in general or for any of the following programmes.


Annapoorna Yojana – for sponsoring the meals of students in the residential school

Expenses of one meal per day – Rs. 5000/-

Sponsor the education of one child in Shri B D Tatti Residential School for one year – Rs. 20,000/-

Donate for purchase of mobility aids and appliances, building ramps and sponsoring events related to disability.

Pl make the cheque in the name of B D Tatti (A) Memorial Charitable Trust. All donations are exempt from tax under Section 80G.

We will be happy to provide more information.