Established in 1994, Shri B D Tatti (Annavaru) Memorial Charitable Trust works for the welfare and development of persons with disabilities in Karnataka. The founders of the Trust began its work by supporting children with speech and hearing impairment. Over the years, the Trust rapidly expanded its work and has reached out to
about 5000 persons with disabilities, including children, youth and adults in 11 Districts of Karnataka till date.

Our institutional programmes include

  •  Sushravya Pre-Primary School for Oral Deaf Education
  • Shri B D Tatti Residential School for thehearing impaired.

The Community Based Rehabilitation Programme,that began in 2007-08, has the following programmes:

  • Early Intervention and Inclusive Education
  • Therapy and mobility
  • Livelihood promotion
  • People Advocacy and Organization

The prestigious family of Shreeman B D Tatti (Annavaru) of Laksmeshwar has always dedicated itself to social service. Shreeman B D Tatti lived in the spirit of service all his life by dedicating his resources and energy to the needy. His work and credibility earned the respect of the Maharaja of Mysore and the rulers of Miraj Sansthan who would reserve special seats for him in their courts.

Shreeman B D Tatti’s grandson, Dr. S. J. Tatti, followed in his footsteps, having inculcated his values and beliefs in every way. After the completion of his medical study, Dr. Tatti, along with some of his friends, committed himself to social service by organizing free eye check up and health check up camps for the low income group.

Dr. Tatti channelized the service oriented ideals of his grandfather by forming a Trust called the Shri B D Tatti (Annavaru) Memorial Charitable Trust in 1994.


The Trust started functioning from 1996. The three families of Shri B D Tatti, the Manvis and Mahajanashettar brothers nurtured the Trust with the spirit with which it was formed with their own sweat and toil. Guided by the spirit of pure service and commitment, the Trust grew from strength to strength, both in terms of its team and work.

Initially, the Trust started a free residential school for hearing impaired children with 10 students in 1996-97 but now has more than 200 hearing impaired children studying in it. Every single day, their lives are being transformed in a unique learning atmosphere. The work of the Trust grew both in terms of its internal institutional
programmes as well as community based rehabilitation programmes.